The #GW28 #DGW Preview Show Special

West Bromwich Albion  Ben Foster
Ben Foster has been fantastic value this season.
Pic : Dl 94

With a very short turnaround this week and the DGW for Spurs/QPR, I have decided to cover the normal differential, captain and preview articles all in one.

The weekend saw a fair degree of #FPL tumble weed. Scores a tad on the low side and not many goals to write home about. The big hitters well, missed in the main. Four names come to mind when thinking about the weekend’s action :


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The <20pts club and the “Puncheon equation” #FPL

I woke this morning to 19pts.

As I gaze around the #FPL universe I see chaos and destruction. Many good teams laid waste, some on <10pts! I sighed, scratched my head and thought I would scramble over the wreckage to see what I could salvage from an absolute horror of a Saturday.

My conclusions are thus:

I could have prevented nothing. The horrors, the apocalypse that ensued yesterday, for me, was unavoidable. I had limited scope for transfer manoeuvre. And here’s why. I, like many other careful, prudent and pragmatic managers have prepared for a double gameweek with my Chelsea and Spurs players filling my bench.

As a direct result of this foresight, I was playing this GW blindfolded, arms and feet bound tightly together. I was fielding at least 2 players (Defoe and PvA) who I was utterly convinced only had a 50-50 chance of starting at best. When I wiped my brow in relief at seeing their names in the starting XI yesterday, I was then confronted by the realisation that I was merely hoping, that The Black Cats could do something at Old Trafford!

No such luck.


Ironically, as discussed at great length in my preview show, PvA scored exactly 0 points. Nothing. Nadda. Precisely the total I had anticipated that he was going to score if he hadn’t been picked as I had feared 24 hours earlier…..

Defoe, Mane, Walters et al are differentials. By very definition, you play these guys in the event that your stars (Kane, Ivanovic, Costa, Hazard) are out of form or that you have a gut instinct. An idea, stats or gut inspired, that for that GW, the alternative option will succeed.

The very fact that I/you fielded a team like this is down to the Blank/DGW.

So I take this one on the chin and see how it goes today. By all accounts, I am in a slightly more fortunate position than others in the <20pts club. I still have Aguero, Alexis(c), Caz, Kos and Skrtel to play. Others only have 2 or 3 to play today.


But here is the real scary bit. If, after this carnage, pain and sacrifice, Kane, Eriksen, Ivanovic et al don’t make one hell of a score in their “games-in-hand”, you have to wonder if the whole effort was worth the mental anxiety it caused!

Looking at the dream-team this morning, Rooney, Puncheon and Janmaat are the top players. Having endured Rooney for far too long and missing the boat on Puncheon, I discarded both several GWs ago. Now, here’s the point. Congratulations to you if you are looking at a “fat stack” of points today having these players in your team. You can claim that with RvP’s injury, it was logical that Rooney would go up front. I think the fact that he scored 2 goals is great and if you called it, kudos to you. Janmaat arguably has some track record of form in recent weeks despite Newcastle’s struggles. So again, if he started for you yesterday, cool!


Then we come to the “Puncheon equation” and this is the kicker.

There were those who said that Puncheon would lose his place on the return of Jedinak and Bolasie. That hasn’t happened. From a #FPL perspective, there is no sane reason why anyone would have Jason Puncheon in their starting XI yesterday. His form reads 2-3-2-2 before his 14pts yesterday. But, you can guess what I am going to say next. And this is why you have to tip your hat to those who still have “The Punch” hanging around.

I suspect that Puncheon was in their starting XI because they were prepping for the DGW. For the same reasons that I had PvA and Mane on the pitch. They put their team through an equation taking the DGW into the formula and out came a player who probably wouldn’t have started. Jason Puncheon.

So here it is, CONGRATULATIONS to anyone who had 2 out of the 3. If you had 3 out of the 3 above players, consider yourself a #FPL god this week.

Rooney and Janmaat were inspired picks, Puncheon was pure luck.

In that sentence is the beautiful, beautiful encapsulation of this wonderful fantasy football game we all love/hate so much.

2 parts perspiration and 1 part luck.

Good luck for today, good luck for the DGW and most of all, if you are in the <20pt club this morning, I feel your pain.



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